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Who doesn't love crystals? They are one of nature's most magical creations. So in honor of crystals, let's create fake ones! Because I am broke.

In another instructable, I showed how to make single, long crystals out of hot glue sticks:

And it took me onlyone and a half years to realize that you can make all kinds of crystals using the same method!

I made soo many. Far too many. It's fun!

So here's what you will need:

  • hot glue sticks (or scraps)
  • craft knife
  • scissors (sharp ones)
  • school glue (white or clear)
  • nail polishes
  • acrylic paints
  • paint brush
  • eyepin

* The video combines both of my crystal instructables *

Step 1: Cut the Sticks Into Strips

To make tiny crystal pieces, take a hot glue stick and cut it into thin strips.

(Just a note: This does require a little more strength than you might think. Be careful!)

Step 2: Cut Into Crystals

Then take a pair of scissors and cut the strips into crystals.

Use sharp and strong scissors, otherwise they won't look very nice.

Step 3: Optionally: Colour the Crystals

If you want coloured crystals, it looks best when the pieces are painted before they are glued together.

I made transparent paint by mixing acrylic paints and school glue together with a brush. But you can also use the paint on its own for an opaque look.

I spread the crystals and moved them around so they didn't stick to anything until they were dry (they dry quite quickly).

Step 4: Make a Pendant

For a pendant, I took a thin and clear piece of plastic (like from a lid or bottle) and glued on an eyepin.

One note: if you use plated copper wire, the humidity of the glue can make the wire a bit green, that's why I used as little metal as possible.

Then glue on the crystal pieces, let them dry and add more until you are happy.

Step 5: Other Ideas

You can also glue the crystals to rocks and add the long crystals from my other Instructible (see video) to make crystal clusters.

Aluminium foil can be shaped as well to make your base. Use whatever you have!

Step 6: Make a Geode Base

I used aluminium foil to make a geode.

I shaped a ball of foil into a kind of bowl shape and covered it with another piece of foil to make everything look more even.

Then I dabbed on black acrylic paint with a sponge (you can use a brush too), to make it look like a stone (or an avocado :P).

Step 7: Put the Geode Together

Then I made crystals with different levels of transparency and colour and glued the most opaque ones in the middle of the geode, getting more transparent the further I got away from the middle.

I love how the geode turned out!

Step 8: Glaze & Done!

You can leave your crystals like that or give them some more transparency and shine with a glaze - just brush on some glue or use clear nailpolish.

Glitter nail polishes look cool too, just as shimmery ones.

And that's it! Now you can either decorate your home with your crystals, wear them or come up with your own ideas!

Hope you liked this idea, and if you do it would be awesome if you would vote for me in the "Stick it!" Contest!

Cheers guys!

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    19 Discussions


    Question 11 months ago

    How did you get such pretty, multicolored backgrounds? Violet, teal, indigo...they’re just as interesting as the crystals!

    1 answer

    Answer 10 months ago

    Thanks a lot! I basically used different coloured papers as backgrounds :) like origami paper I had at home ^^


    Tip 11 months ago

    Because your using hot glue, adding LEDs would be incredibly easy. Glowing crystal necklace, anyone?

    3 replies

    Reply 11 months ago

    I have made some tests using cheap LEDs in blue, green and red colours, with just a hole drilled into a glue stick, using a diamond ball drill bit, results can be seen here =>

    I will eventually create some nicer crystals an geodes when I get some time with some instructions to make your own.

    (by the way, I'm quite get obsessed by those crystals now, it haunt me, it's addictive :P no thanks to you Randomona ! :) )


    Reply 11 months ago

    That looks really nice! The crystals will look awesome. Thanks for the pics, I'm happy I infected you with the crystal addiction as well! Hehe :)


    Answer 11 months ago

    You should be able to find glue sticks any place glue guns are sold. Hardware, Crafts stores, Michaels' etc.


    Reply 11 months ago

    Well then, I guess I’d better go to a different craft sore, because my local one doesn’t sell any.


    Answer 11 months ago

    For example from here

    and they are pretty cheap almost anywhere.

    Depends on the country where you live in but they often sell them is shops dedicated for building equipment, rc model shops, stationery store or anywhere online (amazon, ebay, aliexpres, banggood, dx)

    From my experience it is easy to find them for reasonable price :)


    Tip 11 months ago

    The way you use hot-glue is incredible.

    I have just added some multicoloured leds and it looks fabulous in dark.I will make sure to add some photos to this comment later on :)

    1 reply

    Reply 11 months ago

    Thanks so much! Oh I would love to see that :) I'm glad you made it and even upgraded the idea ;D