Crystal Lights Using Electric Bulbs or Candles

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The Crystal Lights looked great than what we anticipated when we started creating it. The only material used is light weight plastic fish tank pebbles.

It's ideal for Dinner table candle holder or a colorful party lighting

The instruction is simple

Step 1: Gluing Pebbles

We used a 4 Inch hose to stay in shape while gluing the pebbles

Bend the hose in oval shape and tie at the open end

Use glue gun to stick the pebbles. Apply glue for the second time from inside, when the whole structure is over to make sure the built structure is strong

After building two steps of pebbles, the structure will remain in it's shape and you will not need the hose. See the completed structure in the picture.

The opening is to keep the candles, ie., two candles we are going to place inside them.

You can try different shapes, as this is just an idea for the lighting decoration

For using as a light chandelier, use 8 supporting ropes for good support

Step 2: Vote If You Enjoy It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try different shapes, colors and sizes of the pebbles....

Thank you and happy gluing.......



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    Wow.. that is one very interesting looking pebble Lamp. Thanks for sharing it :)


    4 years ago

    Are you gluing the pebbles to eachother or the hose? Because in one photo it looked like you might've glued it to the hose since you put the glue on the back of the pebble. Guessing the hose was simply for shape and there is nothing but glue holding it all together, how sturdy is it and how much glue did you have to use?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, you are right. Hose is only for staying in shape, we glue only the pebbles and removed the hose lastly. Once we complete the whole structure we need to glue from inside structure. After two days, I feel like its ideal for candle stand. Not strong enough to hang