Crystal of Dreams- Centre Piece and Place Holder

Introduction: Crystal of Dreams- Centre Piece and Place Holder

A beautiful two-in-one center-piece and placeholder for wedding reception and formal dining. It can be designed to complement the aesthetics of the table layout. After the reception, the guests can be gifted this piece.

The center-piece can be designed with any vases, glass bowls and bottles. It is an elegant and affordable piece which one can design with ease and a hint of creativity.

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Step 1: Materials

Square or Oval Glass Vase

Glittering Bead Stickers

Silk mesh cloth

Butterfly picks

Memo Clip Holder

Place Card

Sketch Pen

All material available in craft or dollar stores

Step 2: Applying the Glitter Bead Stickers on the Vase

Clean the vase with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust or residue

Peel one strip of glitter bead

Carefully apply the glitter sticker in a horizontal line

Gently press the beads after every application

Alternate with different colors and design

Creativity is at your hand

Step 3: Decoration and Placement

Neatly fold the silk mesh cloth in a floral pattern inside the vase

Decorate the butterfly picks with a few beads

Without cluttering, place them creatively inside the vase

Decorate the place card with the same color of beads

Write the name of guest on the place card

Clip the place card to a long memo clip holder

Put it inside the vase so that the name stands out

Step 4: Crystal of Dreams

Now the Crystal of Dreams is ready for the special event

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