CrzyAzn's Anti-Yo Contest Entry

For this video, I will teach you how to do Smooth Stuff. Please excuse the lack of creativity in naming this trick. I couldn't really think of a name, so I just called it that because if done correctly, it should look very smooth.

First of all, this trick isn;t intended for beginners. I recommend that you use a responsive or semi-responsive yoyo to learn this trick, so you will be much smoother. I also highly recommend downloading this and playing it on your computer, so you can stare into my smiling face and learn the trick more easily. =)

Now for the steps!! I'm not that great at explaining, so try your hardest to understand my directions. I will omit the word "œfinger" after stated a couple times to keep the directions shorter. I'm also going to write this in the perspective of a righty, so for the south paws out there, remember this.

1. 1.5 mount and drop everything on your left hand.
2. Swing the yoyo to the left and at the same time, insert your left index finger between middle and right string coming from yoyo and pop the yoyo out.
3. When the yoyo swings back, curl your right index so the finger hooks onto the string and use the momentum to swing it all the way around to the left side draping the string over your left index.
4. Mount the yoyo onto the front string like a reverse 1.5 mount and drop everything on your right hand (It should now look like you are about to bind the yoyo)
5. Swing the yoyo to the right and at the same time, move your right hand counterclockwise to unwrap the string around the gap.
6. When the yoyo swings back, use the momentum to shoot the yoyo leftward and bring it into a trapeze.
7. Do a double on trapeze, but miss the string.
8. Stick your right index between the right and middle string coming from the yoyo and stick out your pinky. (It should look like double or nothing with your pinky sticking out)
9. Pop the yoyo to the left, so the string is draped over your pinky.
10. Swing the yoyo to the right and go around your right index like trapeze and bro.
11. Drop the string on your pinky and swing the yoyo in a full circle counterclockwise (It should look like trapeze and bro except with the thumb)
12. Pop the yoyo to the left, so the string is draped over your left index.
13. Swing the yoyo to the right and stick your right index in before it swings back.
14. Mount the yoyo on the front string like 1.5 mount and drop everything on your left hand.
15. Stick left index finger between right and middle string coming from the yoyo and flip the whole formation counterclockwise, so your arms are crossed.
16. Pop the yoyo up and land in into double or nothing like in kwijibo.
17. Dismount however you like and bind.

Hopfully, you were able to understand my instructions and I hope you learned this trick!!

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    8 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I have been yoyoing for approximately ten months out of my life. I could never get the trapeze. as this is the base of a lot of tricks, I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks that you use. that would be greatly appreciated.

    You are crazy good and have the hands of a surgeon. You should go to medical school and take out my gall bladder as it's been bothering me.

    2 replies

    Ha ha ha! That's great. I am an ER nurse and at my last job I was the coordinator for the kids in a program like that here in San Jose. I made sure they had a good learning exeperience every day they came. They all had a great time and did really cool things. Congratulations on such a high goal. Don't let anything stand in your way. You got the hands!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Oh dang man. You're really good. I'm 13, and I suck. I barely know how to yoyo. You're great, keep it up, would like to see more. :-)

    2 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    hey, i'm 15 right now. i didn't start yoyoing until i was 14... i think. You will prob be WAYY better than me when you're 15.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Heh, you don't really look 15. (Not being mean or anything.) Oh yeah, I'm Asian too, haha.