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Okay, here's the skivvies for the "Great Old One"

-He stands tall at a little over five inches

-Made with a lime green Worsted weight yarn
- I used a size G crochet hook

-He was crocheted in the round using a 4 sts magic ring for the head, and each arm

-the head, body, and feet were crocheted as one piece, the arms
and wings were made separately and sewn on.

-buttons were used for the eyes

-I made my little Cthulhu freehanded, But I have been informed that for the sake of not being called a cheat or liar, there is a written pattern available which is similar to what I have whipped up HERE
Again I did not use that pattern, this was freehanded.

Why I made him: I love mythical creatures, and had a friend that begged me to make her one. and  it took me two weeks of messing up, but it was worth frogging every time!



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    You have made a very cute Cthulhu. I have run into your problem before. There are only so many ways to crochet a banana and it still look like a bananna. No offense taken and thank you for the link to my pattern. LOVE your Wookie...my boys are huge Star Wars fans. Keep on Hooking Jenni

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    thank you! This means alot to me really. and you are very welcome! I had someone send me a not too nice, but not too mean message after making him and posting to another site, that I needed to clarify how I made him. I thought it would only be fair to post a link to your site since I did use yours as a reference. I'm working on a pattern for Chewbacca, and when its needing to be tested I'll be sure to let you know ;D thank you again for the nice comment! ^_^


    He is cute...no offense Cthulu.  I love him! I have been trying to fin d a pattern that I like for my hubby who is a fan of the Great Old Ones.

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     Haha, he is cute, isn't he?!?
    if you follow the link on my instructable, the woman who made the pattern I posted is really nice, and is willing to help if you need help in the process of making him.

    Thanks for the nice comment :D