3D Printed Cube Connectors

Introduction: 3D Printed Cube Connectors

when looking into the possibilities of 3D printers i hit a flaw and that was that 3D printers could not print things in a material that could move like material so i set out to create 3D printed object the could move like material and this is what i came with.
The cube connectors are small squares that can be 3D printed on two parallel sides are made out of cylinders and the other two parallel sides are square rods with clips that clip on two the cylinders. Unfortunate due to my lack of a 3D printer or money i was not able to print them out  but i hope other people can use this idea and elaborate on it.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea, though I'm not sure it would move that easily. If you imagine 4 connected together into a larger square, the axes of rotation for one side and the other won't align so I think it might not be as fluid as you like. Good idea though and with some tweaking could achieve the effect you're after.