Cube Lighting

Introduction: Cube Lighting

What do you need?

• Hornbeam tree trimmed 25 pieces of cube

5 x 5 x 5 cm

• A wooden seated on the base Cubes

15x3x3 cm

• 8 x 2 chip h:15 cm led lighting

• 1 x adapter

• 1 piece socket

• 1 x 12 volt led bulb

• 1 box Brown Shoe Polish.

• 1 box varnish

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Step 1: How Do You Start?

(3 vertical and 3 horizontal

alignments of the future must have its app Cubes.)

• On a 1 cm Cubes have to start work by opening the holes. To do this, first of all, on a wooden plaque, prepare a template 5x5x1. Then select the slide on this template of the holes prepared jars.

• You can start drilling holes because of Marked cubes 2.

• After you have finished drilling the 25 cubes processing, you must rub with emery with grinding machine them and clear

Step 2:

The diameter of the bottom sides of the cubes

after finishing the clean up has to start to open big holes 4 cm. (The above will open the big hole on the cube the cube will be opened until midnight.)

• After you have finished drilling operations to clear the cubes again sanding machine by grinding machine

• With the help of glue are all Cleansed cubes. (3 vertical and 3 horizontal ). During this process, leave the middle part of the cube to open and open a cube, the cube as 24 units combine the latest release. Cutting off in the middle of the upper surface of the cube dropped out in abundance, add glue, paste using as cover.

Step 3:

• Lower the pedestal; 15 cm long and 3 cm wide,

with the help of the paste and glue the wooden pieces 4 pieces together as the top cover cover plate a wood paste 15x15x3 cm cut and dry.

• Foster the next drop-down at the base of the holes on the base of Woods full open 1 cm holes. (4) until the holes in the 15 cm long wooden rods.

• •Wooden rods attached to the outer surface of the cube to see either side of the led lighting. Then on the base in the middle of the diameter of a hole up to hear, hear and sense. Connect with LEDs installed in the adapter and connect the adapter that you connect all of the light system of a single point is chosen.

• Then the cubes with the help of Al-Qaeda made cubes onto, you varnish over with varnish. After the cube is no exception at the bottom of the shoe Polish varnish process just wear to paint dry.

• The end of the light bulb in the middle of the Painting instead of the cube by placing operations Lair cubes pedestal on the Raceway base, finish the production exceeding montelenip.

Now your ready for lighting.

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    5 years ago

    Please upload some close up pictures from the final work.


    5 years ago

    love the idea..nicely explained..vgood