Cube Puzzle




Introduction: Cube Puzzle

This at home activity will allow your kids to have a great time! It involves some creativity and a bit a craftiness, but the final product will be a puzzle that your child can call their own!


The art: Figure out how your child likes to draw. He or she may like to color using crayons and paper, or like to use technology and get creative using drawing apps.

  • Paper
  • Colored pencils/crayons/paint
  • Computer or tablet/iPad if technology preferred
  • Scissors

The puzzle:

  • A set of wooden cubes (bought from store)
  • Glue
  • Clear tape
  • Straight edge/ruler

Note: Adult supervision recommended at all times.

Step 1: Setting Up

However your child likes to create art, have them create 4 drawings, each square in nature (the outside lengths of the drawings should all be the same).

Detailed steps:

  1. Line up the blocks to create a perfect square. There should the be same number of cubes on each side.
  2. Using the ruler, measure the total length of cubes while they are lined up.
  3. Draw six squares, each on a separate sheet of paper that are the same length as the sides of the lined up cubes.
  4. Cut out the six squares (WARNING: Sharp edge used, adult supervision recommended).
  5. Give the squares to your child, and let them get creative!!

Step 2: The Six Works of Art

Now, it is time to get the art ready for the cubes!

Once the art is done:

  1. Place one cube on any of the corners of the drawing.
  2. Trace the cube in a light pencil over the drawing.
  3. Keep moving the cube around until the drawing looks like a faded grid on the background.
  4. Using the scissors, cut along the lines that were just drawn on (WARNING: Sharp objects used. Adult supervision recommended).

Note: Keep track of pictures you are cutting up. Keep them in order so you know how to put together the pieces.

Step 3: Creating the Puzzle

Time to make the puzzle!!

  1. Take one piece of each of the cutouts and create as many piles as there are cubes.
  2. Glue one piece of the cutouts per side of cube. Make sure that each cube has 6 different pieces of the different cutouts.
  3. Tape down the piece to ensure smooth edges.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the sides of all the cubes have your artwork on them.

Step 4: The Final Product

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