Cubical Organizer Out of Manila File Folders.

Introduction: Cubical Organizer Out of Manila File Folders.

The guy in the cubical three over who smells like patchouli and cheese stole your desk organizer... And of course the office supply closet has more, but it is guarded by the excutive assistant from the underworld... There is another way.

"Another way?"  You gasp. "But won't I have to at least get supplies to build one?"

Nay. The supplies needed are all things in your desk.

Manila File Folder

What about tools? Only a pair of scissors, a strait edge, and a pen. (Usefully enough, the very tools you'll be storing.)

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Step 1: Measurements

With the folder squarely in front of you, side that is "taller" facing up, take your manila folder and find its width. Mine was 29.5cm I marked a hash at 9.83cm intervals across. Then draw guide lines to assist later. Cut the folder along the indented line at the bottom of the folder. 

Step 2: Fold-y Time.

Fold along your hash-lines you created earlier. You should have basic letter fold by doing so. 
Measure 14 cm lengthwise down from the top where the writeable tabs are and cut across midwise.  

Fold the longer piece in half vertically along the axis. 

Step 3: Diamond Eyes...

Unfold and reshape so that the horizontal ends meet. Apply tape.  Fold inward to create diamond shape. Tape the sides and the center at both ends. 

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat.

With the small piece that was cut off earlier. Create the triangle of the first end and tape off. On the second end Cut about a third of the way down and across to form a shorter triangle. Tape the newly created section onto the columns already assembled.

Step 5: Triangles, Triangles All Around.

Next take the section that was cut away and tape it into the column creating another triangle, with an inverted triangle facing directly forward. Cut a strip from the bottom of the left over half of the manila folder the to span the gap. Tape into place. 

Step 6: All of Your Base Are Belonged to Us.

Set the entire column on the left over half and trace around the base. Cut out the tracing and secure to base of the column. Add tape for sturdiness where necessary. 

Step 7: Fin.

Completed. It is surprisingly sturdy for paper. Decorate as desired. Cheers.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the praise! I appreciate the comment.

    It did turn out surprisingly sturdy, quick and easy. BTW, a little dusting of spray paint goes a good ways with appearance...but as its not part of the standard office supply line up I left that part out. ;)

    Might toss that in after the contest ends.