Cubicle Defence: News Paper Nunchucks!

So you're sitting in your cubicle, eating some donuts when that really annoying colleague of yours comes by to snatch one of them. Then you think: "What do I do? Those are my donuts!" But luckily you have you "Newspapers Nunchucks!" With a few accurate blows to the head and hands, the assailant flees in fear of your superior (yet non-lethal) weaponry! This is just one of the many uses Newspaper Nunchucks can have. So arm yourself today and make a pair using materials that are easily found in any office!

Step 1: Materials

Materials for the Newspaper Nunchucks are readily available in any office, home or class room and are very cheap if you need to buy them.


Newspaper or any other object that can be rolled up to create a cylinder( i.e. scrap paper, paper towel cardboard centers, magazines)

Tape ( masking tape or clear scotch tape work and duct tape is an added bonus if you have it available)

Paper clips or string

Step 2: Putting Everything Together

Roll up your newspaper (or other materials) lengthwise to form two long cylinders that are separate from each other. Don't make them too thick but don't make them too skinny either. They should feel comfortable when you hold them. Also, make sure that they aren't too squishy. They should be nice and firm but shouldn't be as solid as a rock.

Next tape them all up nice and secure. It is up to you if you want to tape the whole length of the newspaper or if you only want to tape certain areas.

After you have your taped your newspaper handles up, it is time to attach them together. Take your paper clips and make a chain (we can adjust the length later). If you are unsure of whether your paperclips will hold or not, either tape up all the ends of the paperclips or twist the ends around one of the middle wires. The chain shouldn't be very long. On most nunchucks, if you are holding the handles parallel to each other, you should only be able to fit one or two fingers in between them. So with your newspaper nunchucks, hold them up, measure one or two fingers widths between them and attach your chain at the top accordingly.

To attach the chain at the top, either:
1. Make a loop of tape that goes above the top of the nunchucks and thread it through the end of the paper clip chain. Use lots of tape!
2. Keep one extra paper clip on each end of the chain and push those paper clips down into the center of your handles and tape well.

To attach them with string, you could use the second method above but substitute string for the chain, or you could just find a way to tape the string securely and effectively to the tops of the nunchucks.

Step 3: Kick Some Butt!!!!

Now that you have finished making your Newspaper Nunchucks, you will be one of the most respected people at your office! NOTICE: I AM NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INJURIES THAT THESE NUNCHUCKS MAY CAUSE. USE THEM RESPONSIBLY!! And have fun!
(Just a side note, your nunchucks may need frequent repair of the chain and loop area, if they do, just re-tape)



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    40 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 3

    i made mine out of magasizes


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool idea!  I modded the design a little.

    -Used some scrap 8.5x11" paper (about 30 sheets per handle) rolled the long way.

    -Made a chain of paperclips and put tape around the center of each clip to prevent slipping and/or cutting.

    -Made a "D" shaped chain connector from a paper clip, bore two holes in the top of each handle, hooked the D-Rings through the holes and bent the ends upwards.  This made for a sturdier design, so now I can do rolls over the back of my hand and spin them as fast as the real deal without worrying about a handle coming loose and flying over the cubicle wall.

    I also ran with this and made a giant katana.  If I get a chance, I'll post some pics soon.

    2 replies

    8 years ago on Introduction

    great nunchucks! I used those shiny newspaper ads for department stores that come in the paper. I also used invisible scotch tape. looks so much better with that tape. I recommend it!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    looks kool they can also be used outside of the office. Like when sisters attack, annoy, and scream when they are right next to you

    4 replies

    8 years ago on Step 2

    used papertowel rolls sealed top ends up and filld em with concrete damn that hurts!!!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Definitely necessary for everyday's peaceful life in my office. May I suggest NOT using paper clips as they might spring open and cause (possibly ?) unwanted injuries ? Cotton strings would be more safe. Keep them short not to make a strangulatory device... I like it !

    2 replies

    I used to make these in Jr High and sell 'em for two bucks a piece (till The Man caught on)

    I used gold 'ol Elmer's glue and little strips of paper to make chain links and to harden the newspaper for strength (fewer repairs).  Trust me, a solid block of paper mache stings like a beast. :-)

    Da Jman17

    9 years ago on Step 2

    i made mine with a hard card board tube and put hot pink and neon green tape on it