Cubicle Wars Crossbow

Introduction: Cubicle Wars Crossbow

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Deep down we all know that we all still love playing with our friends. The question becomes "How? We don't want to get caught at work?"

Step 1: Materials

You Will Need:

1x chopstick

8x rubber bands

4x pencils

1x straw

2x adhesive file tabs

Step 2: Wrap the Pencils

Take two pencils and put them end to end. Use one rubber band at each end. A cross over pattern works best.

Step 3: Crossbar

This will become the crossbar, the end to end is so the metal cuff on the erasers will hold the two rubber bands used as the bowstring.

Step 4: The Main Components

The two facing the same way will become your support and handle. The other will be your crossbar, or bow.

Step 5: Attach the Two

Making sure to center the handle under the bow and wrap twice then attach the bowstrings at each end. Continue to wrap and make the two as solid as possible.

Step 6: The Crossbow

the crossbow is now 90% done.

Step 7: Finish Up

Using two of the adhesive tabs, attach the straw and then load the chopstick. Ready to fire!


This is strictly for entertainment, do not aim at a person or yourself. You'll poke your eye out.

If your boss comes around simply fold up or throw in a drawer.

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    Simple design yet awesome and effective. Very cool