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Here is a salad that is so good! For full instructable click here:

This salad was inspired by:

I made my salad a little different because I did not have a way to cut the slices thin enough. I also used what salad items I had on hand. Prepare a single serving of salad and use the cucumber slice as the bowl. Garnish with the crispy bacon. I thought 2 slices of the wide bacon I had was taking away from the look of the bowl so I only used one slice.

Dark green lettuce
4 Radish slices
Boiled egg
1 Thinly sliced unpeeled cucumber with seeds showing.
Lemon Wedges
1 slice of crisp bacon
2 Tooth picks

Carefully trim the cucumber slice and form a shape of a bowl and stick with a tooth pick. Add radish slices to keep the cucumber in place. Place a couple of lemon wedges for garnish on the plate.


1 small loaf of sour dough bread
Small sprig of fresh rosemary
1 Teaspoon melted butter

Melt the butter and spread over the top of the bread.
Dice fresh rosemary and sprinkle over the top of the bread
Broil in oven until toasted.
Serve warm.

I used a lemon for the salad dressing but a vinaigrette dressing was suggested.

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