Cultural Collage



Project: Compose a collage that uses South or Central American pictures, news and words to illustrate and narrate a story about the culture you choose to portray.


After the students create a collage to illustrate and narrate a story of their chosen country he/she will be able to discuss and explain a culture comfortably.  

Students will also be able to educate us in the country they have chosen and its culture in Spanish.

General Information:

Grade: High School

Subject: Spanish (Art could work too, if you replace the Spanish with English)

Unit: Countries

Topic: Cultures


·         Computer       

·         Printer

·         Scissors

·         Rubber Cement, glue, decoupage

·         Pictures from the country

·         Spanish Words

·         Magazines

·         News Papers

·         Paint, pencils, markers

·         Anything you might want to use in the collage


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Step 1: Getting Started

o   Research the Central and South American Culture


Step 2: Choosing a Topic

o   Choose a country—The examples I provide are on Mexico and Guatemala

o   Research their stories

o   Pick the story you want your collage to narrate—The examples I provide for Mexico is Tooth Fairy and for Guatemala it isThe Legend of the Volcano

o   Brain storm ideas on how you would like to tell your story

o   Brain storm different compositional ideas

Step 3: Decisions

o   Take a piece of paper or cardboard

o   Decide what size you want your collage to be

o   Cut the paper or card board to the size you want

Step 4: Choosing Collage Elements

o   Start looking for images and words  that you would like to use in your collage

o   You can use a mixture of English and Spanish words, but you have to have Spanish words in there

o   Since we are in the USA and we do not have images of those countries here, you can use images from the internet

Step 5: Activity

o   Once you have collected a variety of images, words and different media for your collage start mapping it out on your chosen surface (paper/cardboard)

o   Give it a couple of tries until you find the best and most comfortable composition to you

Step 6: Feedback and Final Product

o   Once you think you have the composition that best fits you and your story come see me. So I can give you some feedback

o   You are ready to glue

o   Take a bottle of glue, decoupage or rubber cement

o   Glue your composition down

Step 7: After Project

o   Be ready to share your collage and your story with the class in Spanish

o   You would be educating us on the culture and story you chose in Spanish

o   You will fill out your rubric yourself and I will go over it and fill in what I think you deserve, so we would have two opinions.

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