Cup From Plastic Bottle




Introduction: Cup From Plastic Bottle

This tutorial is for making a cup from empty plastic bottle. Example when you are in nature hiking or somewhere else you need a glass but you don't have one , you can easy make it, if you have just knife and plastic bottle :)

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Step 1: Required Tools and Materials

For making the cup you will just need :
4.Clean Plastic Bottle

Step 2: Cutting the Bottom of the Bottle

In this step we have to cut the bottom of the bottle this will be the base for the cup. Most important thing for this step is that the base must be higher than the bottle cup, i just measured 3 cm (1.1811 inches) than you can mark on the bottle but this is optional if you don't want or don't have marker you can just cut with knife or scissors, with the scissors you corrected the line of the cut and make flat.

Please be careful while cutting, I'm not responsible if you injure yourself while cutting!

Step 3: Cutting the Upper Part for the Cup

This step is very easy , only thing you have to do is to cut the rest of the bottle for the height you need for your cup..
And if you want to use marker please cut under the marked line , because you don't want to drink watter or something else with the marker :))

Please be careful while cutting, I'm not responsible if you injure yourself while cutting!

Step 4: Preparation of the Base for the Cup

I think this step is the most difficult part of this tutorial becouse the plastic on the bottom is thickest. In this step you have to cut centar in the previous cutted bottom of the bottle...before cutting , approximately measure with the bottle thread, the size of the cut have to be enough just to screw the thread from the bottle.In this step you'll cut just with knife.

Please be careful while cutting, I'm not responsible if you injure yourself while cutting!

Step 5: Final Step

This is the last step in which you only need to connect all parts and you'll have diy cup from plastic bottle :)
Hope you liked this tutorial , if you have anything to ask , don't be ashamed :)

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Classy. I like it, though mine's barbaric, just cut off half of the lid and now I got a cup.

    It's an interesting idea, wouldn't the rim be a bit sharp? I think if I were making it (and had some to hand) I might think about putting some duct tape around the top edge.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I don't think that is that sharp...but thanks fot suggesting :)


    6 years ago

    This kind of instructable is the reason I wade through all the other nonsense. Thank you. This is really quite clever.