Cupcake Bouquet & Wifi Password

Introduction: Cupcake Bouquet & Wifi Password

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Hey everyone! For the upcoming holidays when family and friends will be arriving, why not surprise them with your own unique cupcake bouquet. There are many different versions, but you can just use what you have on hand at home and avoid spending a lot of money.

This bouquet has a little wifi note card that the guest can use for the password access in case you don't want it displaying in your home. It will surely make them feel special upon arrival.

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Step 1: Your Supplies

I used a clear vase for this (about medium size) that was just sitting around :)

Next I decided to use the jumbo kabob sticks for poking a hole through the bottom of them and holding them up. I then decided for my icing that I'd do some playful designs just by cutting the corner of a plastic bag an squeezing it out that way :)

For my cupcakes, I made the carrot cake from scratch and the cream cheese (cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar), but you feel free to use whatever recipe you want as well as box mixes!

Step 2: Putting It All Together

This is so quick and easy! For the base I simple broke off a couple of inches on the bottom of my kabobs so the sticks would be shorter and the first 6 cupcakes would form the base around my vase rim.

Next, I left the original size kabobs unbroken and placed 4 more cupcakes in between the others so they would be taller.

Now, for the little wifi note, I simply took a notecard and folded it in half and poked a kabob stick through the top middle; and let that kabob go through the center of the other cupcakes (see 3rd picture).

Note: You can adjust cupcakes as you go or the placement of the kabob stick underneath the cupcake depending on the direction you want it to go.

Step 3: The Finished Product!

As the finishing touch, I simply wrapped some ribbon around the vase that I got from Walmart (it was like a dollar I think).

We decided to give this one to a friend, so to wrap it up I put some toothpicks on the top of each cupcake and used some flex and seal wrap:)

Hope you have fun making yours the next time you make cupcakes!

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