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Introduction: Cupcake Ice Cream Cones

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This is a play on the ice cream cone
Instead of ice cream there is cake
I've seen rainbow ones and plain ones too
Be creative
Enjoy! :D

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Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients for the cake:
You can use a box cake mix or make one from scratch and you can chose any flavor you want I decided on chocolate
I used a box mix that needed a cup of water, 3 eggs and a stick of butter

Step 2: Oven

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
Your box mix might tell you how to preheat your oven, but if you don't know 350 will do

Step 3: Mixing the Cake

Then mix up all your ingredients according to the instructions for your cake

Step 4: Batter

Your cake should look something like this
My butter was all the way warm so there were butter lumps in the mix, but it really didn't hurt the final product

Step 5: Lining the Cupcake Tins

Next take some tin foil and roll it around your hand to make a circle and place it in the cupcake tins
This will help the cones stay up and trust me you don't want to miss this step

Step 6: Filling

Fill the cones to where the cone opens up to the larger top
Mine was about a half cup
Now bake them for about 18-20 minutes
You should really check then every 10 or so minutes the time really depends on your oven

Step 7: Frosting

I chose to make peanut butter frosting to go with my chocolate but you can make any frosting you like
For this frosting you need

cup butter or margarine, softened
cup creamy peanut butter
3 or 4
cups powdered sugar
cup milk
teaspoon vanilla

Step 8: Butter

Cream the butter
Don't over mix

Step 9: Mixing

Add the rest of the ingredients but only put in one half of the powered sugar and mix them together

Step 10: Frosting

Add the rest of your powered sugar in slowly
It should look something like this
Don't forget to taste it once in a while to make shore it's not to sweat and it's to your likings

Step 11: Back to the Cake

Once your cones are done slip then out of the cupcake tins and let then cool until they are cool to the touch

Step 12: It's Time to Frost

I used an ice cream scooper for frosting it made it look like just scooped ice cream

Step 13: Frost

Frost your cakes and add any decorations you want
One mine I added chocolate chips and bacon

Step 14: Your Done

Now you can serve them
Be careful, they like to fall
If you are taking them to a party I might frost them when you get there
Save them in the fridge

Step 15: End

Thanks for supporting me and please like and follow and if you happen to make these please send me a pic at my email
thanks and I'll be posting some more in the future
Enjoy and happy baking! :D

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