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Introduction: Cupcake PushPops

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Alright guys, lets begin!

The Cupcakes were created in the United states back in the early 19th century, when they were created it quickly became one of the most popular cakes in the USA, so much in fact that even Instructables held a contest about the amazing Cakes!

In the beginning, the cupcakes were not known by cupcakes, it remains a mystery as to where cupcakes received their now famous "cup"cake name. Some believe that the cakes received the name because they were created in "cups" others believe that it was because of the amount of ingredients could all fit in cups.

They were actually called "number" cakes because the ingredients were easy to remember, one cup butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, four eggs, one cup of milk and one spoonful of soda! simple as that!...

Eventually the cupcakes became so easy to make that all you need now is, Some Oil, Water, and three eggs and the cake mix. And now, we all know what cupcakes have become today, they come in a number of sizes, shapes, and even have amazing decorations, just look at the competition!!!

Ever since their creation, cupcakes have become a pop culture trend and there fore, we made the CupCake PUSH pop! We made the cake and placed it inside a small plastic container using a home made push stick, we mixed two of the best creations, the Cupcake, and the Push Pop, to make the one and ultimate Cupcake Push Pop! Great for parties or other social events!

Anyways, that's enough writing, let's get to it! Below you will find the video in case you don't want to read the instructions step by step! My Husband Loved helping me with this project, and it worked great!

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Jillian =]

Step 1: Getting the Supplies

Okay, the supplies are very simple to get:

The Girly Stuff :P

Depending on what kind of Cake Mix you get you need to follow the instructions on the back of your preferred Mix's Box, you will use the usual, 3 Eggs, 1 1/3 cups of water, 2 Table Spoons of Oil, and the mix.

Additionally, you need to have Food Coloring, since were making Colored Push Pop Cupcakes. The colors are also Up to you!

And NOW for the Manliest thing you can do in cupcake Baking

You need to buy Fluorescent light bulb covers, they sell them at the Home Depot Stores, they cover the light bulb so when one of them falls off the actual assembly they break, but the plastic cover contains the shattered pieces everywhere.

THen you need to buy Treat Sticks, they sell them at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 for a pack of 6

Step 2: Making the Push Stick

You need to grab your Light bar cover, and your Treat Sticks.

The Tips of the light bar have an interior lip, and an exterior lip, this is to prevent the tip of entering the inside of the light bar cover, the interior rim is to hold the fluorescent light on the inside of the tip.

When you pop the treat stick into the tip, it actually pops into place (thanks to the interior lip) that it's very difficult to pull back out.

Place the stick inside your tip, then using a razor blade, cut the bottom skirt off , and then shave down the exterior lip.

I know it's hard to understand, but if you buy the parts, you'll be able to see what lips i'm talking about.

Once you have the exterior lip sanded down, and the bottom skirt cut out, see if the stick fits into the plastic tube. It needs to be a good solid fit.

Step 3: Mixing the Ingredients

Depending on what kind of mixing ingredients you buy, follow the instructions on the back, use your MIx, Water, Oil, and Eggs.

Once you have the batter mixed in and it's ready to go, use the food coloring to make the batter your specific colors. We used Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, but you can make what ever you want.

Once you have your colors mixed, using a spoon, add one tea spoon of each color into the cupcake wrappers. Don't worry about all the colors mixed in together, they wont. And it's actually going to form layers, trust me, it's going to come out amazing!!!

Step 4: Adding the Cupcake to the Push Pop

See! I told you the colors were going to be in layers!

Now, take your cupcakes, and pull them out of the wrappers, once you do this, flip the cupcake upside down (it's easier to do it this way)

Then take your Plastic tube and push it down onto the cupcake, make sure you "wiggle" the plastic tube around a little so you're actually cutting into the cupcake, rather than ripping it apart.

Once you have the cupcake into the tube, add some frosting with a frosting tube, and then add the second cupcake to the top of that. and repeat the process until your cupcakes fill the top of the Push Pop.

Make sure you add the push stick to the bottom of the Cupcake so you can pull it down and push it up.

Step 5: Adding Frosting and Finishing Up the Cake

Grab your frosting and mix it in with your food coloring, you can add the frosting in between each layer if you wanted to, we added ours to the middle layer, and to the top layer of the Cup Cake Push Pop but you can  do what ever you please!

This was the best part :)

Step 6: Testing It Out!

And now all you need to do is Push up your cake to the surface! and enjoy it :)

I had a video of my Hubby eating one of these, but He said it didn't look to manly :P

I hope you guys really like this, I even added some stickers.

This is my version of the cupcakes, I wanted to leave my print in Cupcake History!


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very inspiring! These look great, & probaly taste great, too!
    Idea: substitute a precut mousepad circle instead of having to cut off the skirt of the inner pushing end piece. I once bought bags of mousepad circles at Michaels' to decorate kid's sunvisors, and there were various shapes and sizes in the bag. Just guessing that one of them's the right size. All you need to do is punch a hole in the center of the circles-- pretty easy.

    Congratulations on a very intriguing idea & video.!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Your video has helped me so much. I could not find push up containers anywhere. Thanks for the idea! You have inspired me :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    they look cute! :D i was going to do these, but the plastic push-ups containers were sold out at the cake shops. very inventive to make your own! at 1st i was going to be jealous that you found some, but then i was super impressed to see that you guys made your own. <3 i love rainbows and stickers, awesome touch! *5 stars* because you guys made them, and made them so cute. :)