Cupcake Seed Starter

Introduction: Cupcake Seed Starter

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Ever want to grow your own vegetables but are too cheap to buy those $5 or $6 seed germinators at the local garden or hardware store? Well now you don't have too, because if you have a party at your house and people with children are coming chances are that someone will be bringing cupcakes and other goodies that come in a plastic container like this one.

Step 1: Supplies

what you will need is....
1. potting soil
2. cupcake container
3. seeds (I used too different types of pepper because I had them)
4. like ten minutes
5. spray bottle (optional)

Step 2: Wash Out Plastic Container

It's as simple as it sounds in the title says. 

I know it may sound a bit weird to wash something you are going to cover in dirt but why not i couldn't hurt washing off the frosting and sprinkles from the cupcakes, on the plus side your soil was going to get wet anyway.

Step 3: Add Your Potting Soil

now open your bag of potting soil, grab a handful of soil and place it in the container. the way that i did it was by taking my handful and just dropped it in the middle and then used my hand to stread it into all the holes.

Step 4: Add You Seeds

thats all just pick up your seeds and place them evenly in each segment.

Step 5: Finishing Up

either push your seeds down a little
add a sprinkle of soil on top
or leave them as they are

Step 6: Water

give them something to drink.
remember not too much just enought to get the soil moist.

Step 7: Now Your Finished

now take your lid and cover the container and place it in a sunny spot in you home.
now i would suggest that you put something like a rag, newspaper or paper towel under your new germinator because do to the condensation that will form it might leak a small bit.
now you might be wondering why i dont have drainage holes on the bottom well that is because it is still too cold for me to put this outside and i cant have it getting the floor all wet now can i.

i will post more photos of the plants in a couple weeks when they start to grow.

ps. i wasn't trying to steal anyone's ideas i just really liked theirs and wanted to try it like this so here is the one that inspired me to try it. i have to give some credit to this one.

ok so its been 7 days and to my surprise i'm starting to see a couple of the seeds doing their magic. look at the last few pictures
Oh and i used a better camera

once they are too big to keep the top on you have to make sure that you get the soil really wet otherwise they will shrivel up and die like some of mine did but i pulled one out and laid it on its side( to get it out of the way of the healthyer ones) and watered the rest and surprisingly it bounced right back
so if yours do the same just pull out the dying ones and spray water directly on the roots and then replant in a deeper planter that will retain moisture better when uncovered

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