Cupcake Wedding Cake Stand

Introduction: Cupcake Wedding Cake Stand

This is an oak four tier cupcake stand made for my daughters wedding. Easy, yet time consuming to make but with the right tools it's a fun addition to the wedding event.

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Step 1: Cut the Rounds for the Layers

The layered rounds were cut with a chainsaw and then the top sides were finished smooth with an electric hand plane. I used a green tree for this project as time was of the essence. The difficulty in working with green wood is that it will crack in no time flat once exposed. It is impareative that you seal the wood with a good varnish or polyurethane to slow the drying of the wood. Even with all your efforts it is likely to split anyway but it still makes a great show piece.

Step 2: Assembly of the Rounds/layers

Again, seal the ends of the limb pieces as they will check and split also over time. Pre drill all the rounds, I used 3 1/2" drywall screws to assemble the tower. Screws bottom to top and top to bottom. In the end I used the oak version for the cake stand (notice I had to, repair the top section) and I used the pecan sections cut as items to add as additional display stands. It worked out great!

Step 3: As a Bonus I Cut This Out for the Cake Topper in the Wedding.

The top tier of the cupcake tower was large enough for a triditional wedding cake topper. This was cut from birch 1/4"plywood and painted to finish off the top of the cake and set perfectly on to of the wooden tier.


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3 years ago

Wow, it looks beautiful, like something out of a fairytale. Much better (and more personality) than a conventional cupcake stand. Thanks for sharing the picture!


Reply 3 years ago

thanks for kind comments