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Cute idea for a Baby Shower cupcake. 

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    The baby bib cupcake was made from 2 different circle cutters. One has the fluted edge, which I used to cut out the white background. Use a ball tool to soften the edge of each of the curves. The bib was cut from a smaller sized cutter and then cut a small section was cut out for the neck. Take something sharp, like a toothpick and poke a line around the edge of the blue bib to make it look like stitching. The duck was hand sculpted and the bow at the top was a mold.

    The flower cupcake was created using fondant with a daisy cutter. I cut out 2 daisies and then put one on top of the other, offsetting each petal. Put a rounded piece of fondant in the center and poke small holes iin it to rough it up a little. Let the flower dry for several days in a flower former. Place the daisy on the cupcake and pipe the icing leaves around the edge of the flower with buttercream or use royal icing if it's going to be used for a display.