Cupcakes for a Crowd (Various Sizes)




About: I'm a follower of Jesus, homeschooling Momma of 4 little blessings, and an ICU nurse who enjoys Bible journaling, making sweet treats, and enjoying God's creation!

This is how I make cupcakes when I am planning take them to a gathering where I know there will be people who have varied preferences of the quantity of dessert they would like to eat.

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Step 1: Pick Your Flavor.

Today I chose lemon supreme because I know it is the favorite of several of my friends at the gathering I'm attending. My favorite brand of cake mix is Duncan Hines!

Step 2: Preheat Oven.

The box instructions recommend 350 degrees, but my cupcake pans are coated/dark, so I opt for a lower setting of 335 degrees.

Step 3: Add Ingredients to Mixer.

I follow the box directions for the amounts of water, eggs, and oil.

Step 4: Mix Ingredients for 2 Minutes.

Over-beating can cause a difference in the consistency of the cupcake.

Step 5: Pick Your Pan(s).

For a variety of sizes of cupcakes, I used a mini cupcake pan (makes 24) and 2 standard size cupcake pans. One cake mix will yield approximately 24 mini cupcakes and 20-22 standard size cupcakes.

Step 6: Place Batter in Pans.

For the mini cupcakes, I use approximately 1T batter in each cup.

For the standard size cupcakes, I use approximately 2T batter in each cup.

Step 7: Bake, Add Frosting, and Enjoy!

I baked the mini cupcakes for 12 minutes and the standard size cupcakes for 15 minutes.

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    2 years ago

    Great information! Thanks for sharing your cupcakes!