Cupcakes in a Jar!

Introduction: Cupcakes in a Jar!

I make these little baskets for the holidays.  I bake different cupcakes & put them in mason jars. Be sure & clean the jars in hot soapy water first! Teachers & friends love these!!Just makes the cupcakes look a little more special! At a very reasonable cost!



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    So the cupcakes are pre-baked, frosted, removed from their liners, and then placed in the jars? Are they hard to eat, or just dig in with a fork?

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    Yes they are pre-baked &removed from their liners. You can bake them in the jars also. But I found that they sometimes don't cook in the middle. I haven't had any complaints as for as hard to eat. Only good comments lol. But thinking about it I may use long tea spoons. If I can find them in plastic. I also use the small jars. They hold one cupcake. And they stay very moist in the jars.