Cupholders DIY

Let's Create a

cupholder with the help of the cutter silhouette portrait and recyclable materials.

The materials we use are:

• Cardboard

• Glue

• Card

• Acrylic paint

• clear contact paper

• Cutting silhouette portrait

• Scissors

• Brush

Step 1: Start

Start by cutting two cardboard circles for each cup and stick with glue.

Step 2: Paint

Paint the cardboard circles of your favorite color.

Step 3: Cut

With the help of selected software silhouette shapes or figures you want. Select the area to cut and click the plotter, use paper or cloth that you like for your template and remove excess material.

Step 4: Template

Once the cup isdry paste the template with glue.

Cut circles of contact paper and glued onto the cup holder , so that it is protected.

Ready to use!



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    3 years ago

    something I'll be trying! but I just realised the pattern looks like WiFi lol