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Introduction: Cupig - Cupid+Pig

For Valentines Day, many people look for creative ways to give gifts to each other.
Instead of the common "I love you" heart, why not create a 3D origami cupig that
is not only unique, but adorable as well.

This 3D origami pig took about 2 hours total to make and quite a bit of brainwork,
but the result is pretty amazing and will be something that that special someone
will cherish forever.

Step 1: Materials

 -10 pieces of pink paper, if you're going to make a completely pink cupig. Mine includes some blue,
just for contrast. If you want yours exactly like mine, you'll need 2 pieces of blue paper and 8 pieces of pink. 

Keep in mind that every pig is unique, so you could totally go all out and make a rainbow cupig, a cupig
made out of newspapers, of whatever scraps of paper you have nearby.

-small black bit of paper (for the eyes)
-two white notecards (a cupig can't fly without wings!)

Step 2: Folding the Building Blocks

Use the pictures below for a step-by-step illustration on how to create one of the 350 (!!!!!) blocks/triangles/whatever you want to call them.
I used normal construction paper and ripped it into 32 equal rectangles by repeatedly folding the paper in half.

Step 3: Putting It Together

The following images show you how to insert the pieces together.
Pretty much, the openings on the pieces are where the pointed ends
go in. Each row consists of 23 pieces, and the rows are stacked together
similar to how bricks in a building are put together - in sort of a diagonal manner.

Step 4: Once You've Put Together 6 Rows...

After the 6th row is completed, a neck has to be made for the pig. 
This is a really subtle indent into the cupig, so if you want to skip this
step, it won't affect the result too much.
In this row, each piece is put on "backwards." The pictures illustrate
the step better than words can. Note that only this row has the pieces
put on backwards. In this step, you can also attach arms to the cupig
by cutting them out of paper and sticking them in a gap between pieces.

Step 5: Continue Building 6 More Rows

Upon completing 6 more rows, you can cut out eyes and a nose for your cupig and tape/glue them on.

Step 6: The Ears

There are two (obviously) ears on the pig and are created by making a 5-piece row and stacking 4, then pieces above it. 

Step 7: Cutting Out the Wings

The last (and thankfully final) step of this project is cutting out the wings from the two white notecards. 
After cutting them out, tape/glue them to the back of your cupig.

If you want, you can cut out an "I love you heart," too. 

Congratulations on making a Cupig!

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    do you know any ways to help the construction paper stick together because sometimes I'll get half way through making the body, one piece slips, and then the rest fall too and I have to start over. it happened three times already!!! please help! D:


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I could see this being a great valentine gift for a teacher. Great Job!