Cuppun! - Paper Cup Doll




Introduction: Cuppun! - Paper Cup Doll

"Cuppun!" is a really simple paper cup doll. everyone including children can make it really easily.
Let's make your own Cuppun! and displaying on your desk!!

For making "Cuppun!" , please prepare those materials and tools below.


- a papaer cup
- a clored origami paper
- 40cm wool
- 4 pom-poms

- scissors
- glue

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Step 1: Cutting Out Eyes & Mouth

Draw the outline of eyes and mouth on a colored origami paper.
Then cut out
along the lines from the origami.

Step 2: Making Face

Paste the eyes and mouth onto a paper cup.

Step 3: Putting Hands & Legs

Make holes for passing each peace of wool through the paper cup.
Then passing wool through corresponding holes.

Step 4: Fixing Hands & Legs

Make knots for each peace of wool.
Glue pon-pons on the end of wool parts.


Step 5:

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    5 years ago

    hi there. this is a cute and nice ible. really like the pose. thanks.