Bacon Bourbon Smoked Salmon on Homemade Smoker



Intro: Bacon Bourbon Smoked Salmon on Homemade Smoker

homemade bacon bourbon smoked salmon

Step 1: Salmon Cure

cure salmon in pureed crisp bacon, sugar, salt, bourbon, maple syrup and black pepper

Step 2: Pellicle

remove from cure. rinse twice. and put in fridge for 12 hrs uncovered and allow to dry on the outside This is the pellicle which will give a better area for the smoke to attach.

Step 3: Build Smoker

To build the smoker take a cardboard box and insert wooden dowels to form shelf. insert a thermometer into box. get hot plate, cast iron skillet and wood chips assembled.

Step 4: Smoking

Once the salmon has formed the pellicle plug in hot plate. Place skillet on burner. place wood chips in pan and slide into box. allow to start smoking on high.

Step 5: Add Fish

place fish on rack and set on dowel shelf. close up box and allow to cook till salmon has internal temp of 150 degrees. Grab favorite cocktail and enjoy the downtime.

Step 6: Enjoy

Once temp of 150 is reached remove from smoker and enjoy. Now grab some capers, red onion, lemon weges and whatever else you like and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You also have saved a ton of cash as smoked salmon runs $20 a pound and up. What are we going to smoke next???

Step 7:



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