Curling - How to Curl Your Hair

Introduction: Curling - How to Curl Your Hair

Today we are going to do hair curling. To start with the curls, first comb your hair, take up some crown hair back combing will give a bounce.. To start with the curls we need to section her hair equally. Say like the crown area, side areas and the back. Clip it and keep aside.

Step 1: How to Start Curling

Let's tart curling with this area. You will take first the section which is the back area., comb thoroughly to smooth en it. Spray it well, comb thoroughly to smoothen it, hold it for a few seconds. Look the curl is ready. Let's start with the next which is on the top of your area. Again we will follow the same procedure spray it smoothen it. Spray it, smoothen it and curl it on the rod. Hold it for few seconds, say five to ten seconds, release

Step 2: How to Set the Curls Finally

Now we are onto the front side. How it is, now moving on to the front hair, we are working out with this partition, On to the front hair we want more of the straighter side, and only at the end we need curls, so smoothen it out, and spray on to the ends, again smoothen and we will just roll it onto the back. so that it will fall from the crown and at the same time it will be in control at the ends. We will repeat the same onto her left side. Comb to smoothen it, curl it onto the back,

Step 3: How to Get the Natural Curls

We will repeat the same onto her left side. Comb to smoothen it, curl it onto the back, And here the curls are. Now the final to keep your hair in tact for a long time you give a light spray, run your fingers around your curls, so that made up look will go and the natural curls will be seen. and we get the volume.

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