Curling Your Hair Overnight With a Sock





Introduction: Curling Your Hair Overnight With a Sock

With these instructions you can curl your hair with minimal effort and no heat. Say good-bye to getting up early to do your hair!


Elastic band
Mousse, gel or other hair product

Step 1: Prepare the Sock

Cut off the toe of a clean sock to make a tube. Roll it from one end to the other to form a donut shape.

Choosing a sock: If you want tight curls, use a thinner or shorter sock. If you want bigger curls, use a thicker or longer sock.

Step 2: High Pony-Tail

With damp hair, brush it into a high pony-tail placed at the upper crown of your head. Put an elastic band around the pony-tail. Keep the elastic band loose enough to pull over your donut shaped sock later.

Step 3: Apply Product

Apply your favorite product to the hair in your pony-tail. This will help the curls keep their form throughout the day.

I prefer to use mousse to keep the curls looking natural and soft. Gel works as well but can make your curls separate and rigid.

Step 4: Roll Your Hair

Holding the pony-tail vertically above your head, pull the end of your hair through the hole in the sock. Roll the pony-tail over the sock by turning them together down towards your head. Roll until the sock is flush with your head.

Step 5: Remove Hair Elastic

Carefully remove the elastic band by gently pulling it over the sock.

Note: Removing the elastic band keeps the curls from starting with an obvious dent. Be aware that the sock will not hold your hair as tight as the elastic band, so be careful moving around before you go to sleep as the sock may become loose.

Step 6: The Best Part

Go to sleep.

Step 7: Remove the Sock

Before removing the sock in the morning, check to see if your hair is dry. If your hair is completely dry, proceed to remove the sock by rolling it away from your head, opposite the way you put it in. Give your hair a light shake and admire your 5 minute curls.

Important: If your hair is not completely dry, you may still remove the sock. However, your curls are more likely to fall during the day due to the weight of your wet hair.



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    7 Discussions

    I tried to do it alot but when ever i open it,it comes out so messy hairs D:

    It didnt work last night.. :(

    I don't get it. I really wanted to tho'. Perhaps some pics of where and how the sock is set?

    Awesome!!! I love the loose curls as well. I can't wait to try it tonight! Also, what a great idea for an unmatched, dryer-eaten, mateless sock. Thx!

    I really like the loose waves that this gave your hair, but I'm a little confused. How do you initially put the sock on the hair? Do you pull the ponytail through the opening in the donut and then start rolling? Also I'm also not sure from the description how the sock keeps the bun from unrolling once you remove the elastic. Thanks!

    1 reply

    You're right, I didn't describe the rolling part very well. I edited it a little bit. Hope it helps. And most socks are somewhat elastic so the sock holds the bun pretty well by itself but not as well as an elastic. Basically, you just can't whip your head back and forth :)