Curly Streamer Gift Bow in Seconds, and for Cheap!

Introduction: Curly Streamer Gift Bow in Seconds, and for Cheap!

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A gift without a bow is like an ice cream sundae without a cherry: kinda disappointing... But they are crazy expensive (around $2 a piece) for something that is basically fluff on a present that you expect to be there, but you don't even notice unless it's absent! Sure, you can buy the bulk bag of bows, but they look exactly like they sound... So here how to make a fancy, curly bow that will grace your present, for pennies, in seconds!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

  • streamer ribbons in several colors (they are usually less than $2 a roll, and makes fair number of bows)
    • these are shiny nylon ones, not the grosgrain fabric one
    • you can also use thin origami or giftwrap paper if you cut into long strips
  • scissors
  • method of binding the ribbons together such as:
    • hot glue gun (this is what I'm using because it's the first thing I found)
    • other types of glue
    • tape
    • string
    • stapler

*Note: you do not need ALL of those things, just ONE to make the actual bow...

Step 2: Cut the Ribbons

Decide on the colors and number of ribbons for your bow, and cut lengths of 12-18 inches. They do not have to be even, or even the same lengths! But bear in mind that after curling, they will be shorter; how much or how little will depend how curly you make your bow.

You will want at least 4 ribbons per bow, and more if you want a fuller one.

Step 3: Curl the Ribbons

Notice the ribbon will have a natural curl to it. Grasp one end of the ribbon in one hand, with the curl side towards you.

With the other, open up your scissors into an X, and hold it at the X part so that the blade is pressing the ribbon against your finger. (mind your other fingers around the other blade. You can also use a straight-edged knife)

In one quick motion, pull the blade away while scraping against the ribbon. The harder and faster you scrape, the curlier the ribbon will be.

You can repeat if it's not curly enough. And if you made it TOO curly, just turn it over and scrape it the other way to straighten it out. Or keep it as is; it all depends on the look you're going for.

Step 4: Attach Ribbons Together

Just like it says in the title. I'm using a hot glue gun, only because it's the closest thing I have on hand. You can glue, tape, staple, or tie together with string.

The ribbons do not have to line up a certain way, or be attached in middle. Again, it depends on the look you're going for.

Here I'm just gluing a random spot of one ribbon onto another random spot, but I'm keeping all the curls going in the same direction because I think it looks neater.

Step 5: Ta-da! Fancy Gift Bow Complete!

You can recurl or uncurl for a finishing touch, and it's ready to use. Just attach to your present or gift bag with tape.

Since I have all this stuff out, I usually will make a whole batch at one time and store them with my gift wrap stuff. Sooner or later, I will need pink bows for birthday gifts, baby showers, etc.

Hope this was clear and helpful. Happy curling!

Step 6: Variations, Infinite Variations!

You can also attach the ribbons together first, then curl each end to get a different look.

Or attach several at one end, which can then be attached to a regular bow for extra oomph, or used as is. (changing the directions of the curls here makes it look more interesting)

Or add a couple to twistie ties of treat bags to make them extra fancy! Color-coordinate for your theme for party favors, or attach to balloons.

The smallest bow there is extra curly, which will use up a lot of ribbon.

Some folks more creative than I am will undoubtedly find more and better ways to use these, so if you are one of them, by all means, post a pic!

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