Currency Guide for Guild Wars 2

Introduction: Currency Guide for Guild Wars 2

There are different currencies in Guild Wars 2 which can be earned in several ways and used to purchase different items. It is important to know the different currencies, how to earn them and what you can do with them in order to maximize their use during the game.

In Guild Wars 2, there are 8 currencies - coin, gems, tokens, glory, influence, karma, skill points and supply. This instructable will give you details on each currency which you can put to good use when you want to level up and gain xp fast. And if you need guides and more info, visit the Guild Wars 2 Club by clicking here now!

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Step 1: Coins

Gold, silver and bronze coins are the main currencies in the game. There are several ways to earn coins. You can participate in dynamic events, complete Renown objectives and finish Daily Achievements.

When you defeat some creatures, you can also gain coins and the amount will depend on the type of the creature, the difficulty level and the level of your character.

Step 2: Gems

Gems are special currencies used for purchasing high-end items, bonuses, consumable boosts and even gold. You can also use gems for upgrading your account storage or getting extra character slots.

You will also use gems if you want to transfer to another server and the amount needed will depend on the population of the world you want to transfer.

Step 3: Tokens

When you play through the dungeons in GW2, you will receive tokens which you can use to buy items from dungeon vendors. You can buy armor sets but you will need to complete a specific dungeon in Story mode and several runs in Exporable mode.

An armor set will have a unique appearance depending on that particular dungeon.

Step 4: Influence

There is a guild-centric type of currency which you will receive when you do events, invite new members to your guild or buy influence from guild promoters. It can be used for improving your guild in the four different categories.

Step 5: Karma

Completing maps, Daily Achievements, dynamic events and Renown objectives will allow you to earn karma. You can use it to buy some items but it cannot be used in the Trading Post.

But you cannot earn karma by defeating creatures but you may receive karma by assisting players in their personal stories.

Step 6: Skill Points

Unlock skill points when you achieve skill challenges. You will also gain this type of currency when you level up after lvl5 or past lvl80. You can use it to unlock abilities or skills that will match your character’s play style.

Step 7: Glory

Glory can be earned during structured PvP and when you complete different objectives in sPvp. For each kill, you will earn 5 points and 3 points when you land a hit with a trebuchet. Glory can be used for unlocking reward chests or upgrading PvP gear.

Step 8: Supply

Supplies are obtained from a supply depot that their world controls. But, they have to ensure that there is a steady delivery of supplies by ensuring that a network of caravans reaches each outpost.

It can be used to repair or build equipments as well as structures but only 10 supplies can be carried each time.

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