Curtain Rod Hiding Spot




Introduction: Curtain Rod Hiding Spot

This is a simple quick place to hide anything that you don't want anyone to find. I think this is probably the last place anyone would look

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Step 1: Find a Curtain Rod

Find a curtain rod that is hollow like the one in the photo. this is just your basic shower curtain rod.

Step 2: Detach the End Finial

Detach the end finial to gain access to the inside of the rod

Step 3: Place Desired Item to Be Hidden

Place desired item to be hidden in a plastic bag its a long hollow rod so you can fill it with a great deal of stuff. i glued the bottom of the bag to the finial and then when you pull it out you can just unzip the ziplock.

Step 4: Return Finial to End to Rod

just return your finial to the end of the rod filling the rod with whatever is in the plastic bag;)

Step 5: Return the Rod to Its Desired Location

just return the rod back to the location it was hanging in or if its a new rod find a place for it hang.

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    Clever hiding place. And if done right it is water proof too.