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Introduction: Curved Nine Patch

About: KERIN HOFFMAN Kerin Hoffman has loved beading since an early age. Her work is creative and fun. Because of her ability to think outside of the box when it comes to beading she has won several contests a...

This is a variation on a nine patch block that measures 21" X 21"

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Step 1: Supplies

Favorite Rotary cutter
Quilting ruler
7" finished Drunken Path Template
"You can use other size of the  Drunken Path Template"
I started with 3 contrasting colors of fabric  ½ yds each.
( There will be extra fabric left after cutting the pattern out.)

Step 2: Cutting 1

The measurements I am giving are for the 7" Drunken Path Template.

Iron and square your fabric.
Cut a 7½" strip from the selvage to the selvage cut 1 strip of each color which make 3 (strips 7½"X44")

Step 3: Cutting 2

Take the 7"X44" pink strip and cut into 6"X7½" rectangles.
(you will make 4 of these)

Tip In the second picture it shows you how to measure your other sizes of the Drunken Path Template.

Step 4: Cutting 3

Now you are going to cut  green selvage to the selvage  2"X44" one strip.
Then you are going to cut the strip into 2"X7½".
(You need make 4 of these)

  Tip In the third picture it shows you how to measure your other sizes of the Drunken Path Template.

Step 5: Cutting 4

Take  your  yellow strip 7½"X44". Cut one 7½"X 7½"  square.

Step 6: Cutting 5 & 6

Take that same yellow fabric  and cut out 4 of template A.
Now take the green fabric 7½"X44 strip and cut out 4 of template B.

Step 7: Layout

Look at the picture above for the layout.

Step 8: Sewing 1

Now you're going to take the pink and green rectangles and sew them together with ¼ seem. This will make a 7½" square.
repeat until you have 4 of them.

Step 9: Sewing 2

Now take your A&B fabric & sew ¼" seam with pin method or no pin method (this is your choice).
Repeat this 4 times.

Step 10: Sewing 3

Iron your curved out & rectangles in .

Step 11: Sewing 4

Now put  together like a 9 patch according to the layout. Make sure you nest your seams or other method you us to mach seams.

Step 12: Finishing

make sure your points match and you are done !!!
You can make it as a centerpiece or make more then one block and make a bed size quilt.

Happy Quilting
& Kitty Approved

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful, and tidily done!
    I love the fabric choices. Is this a one-off, or part of a larger project?

    ps - cute kitty!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Made for the contest but it been in my in head for awhile.I may puy in a quilt