Custom 3d Ice Cube

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Lets start by creating a cool 3d shape in Autodesk Tinkercad. Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-use 3d application. The best part is, it's all in browser and will allow us to create some awesome 3d shapes!

Autodesk Tinkercad

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Step 1: Create 3d Shape With Math

Once logged into Tinkercad, hit "Create New Design" button.

On the right hand side, click the drop down arrow and choose "Shape Generators/All". This will bring up a new list; look for "Twisted Polygon" and drag it into your project.

A settings box will pop up for our Twisted Polygon. These numbers control the shape our of our 3d design. We can change how the 3d shape looks very easily. Play around with these values to see how the number of sides/radius/height/twist amount changes the look of the twisted polygon!

Awesome, now we have a very cool looking 5 sided polygon that is twisting upwards!

Step 2: Export STL and 3d Print

Once you are happy with the 3d shape, click the button that says "Export" in the upper right hand corner. Click the "STL" button. Now we can download our 3d design as a STL file for 3d printing!

Using your 3d printing software, import the STL file, and change to the desired size. 3d print your STL!

Step 3: Create Ice Cube Mold

This is the trickiest part and should be done with care. Make sure to use proper eye and hand protection when dealing with any molding materials.

Find an empty plastic cup that our 3d printed ice cube fits comfortably into. Glue the 3d print to the bottom of the cup. Follow the instructions of your molding material and pour into the cup. Allow the cast to fully cure, and remove the mold from the plastic cup. Then remove the 3d print from the mold and you are left with an ice cube mold!

Step 4: Create Ice Cubes!

Create all different kinds of amazing ice cubes!

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