Custom 3d Printed Ice Cube Molds




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Intro: Custom 3d Printed Ice Cube Molds

Create your own custom ice cube!

Step 1: Create a Custom 3d Object

Create your own custom 3d object! Make sure you keep in mind how fragile ice is, especially when removing it from the tray. Make sure the object is suitable thick in every axis.

Here is some awesome free software to do 3d modeling!

Autodesk Tinkercad


Step 2: 3d Print Your Object

3d print your object to the scale of the desired ice cube. Make sure the object is big enough and formed in a way that you will be able to remove the ice cube easily.

If you do not have your own 3d printer, no worries! Get it printed here!


Step 3: Create Your Mold!

1. I used a trail unit of Smooth-Sil 940 Food Grade Mold Making Silicone Rubber. You can buy this on amazon for around $35; its plenty of material to make a few small ice cube trays. Make sure its food grade; Everything has to be cleaned thoroughly! I take no responsibility for contamination!

2. Find some clean tupperware; clean thoroughly.

3. Glue your 3d object to the base of the tupperware, give it time to set.

4. Prepare the mold solution, following the instructions carefully. Pour the silicon mold solution into the tupperware molding tray. Be careful to pour the silicon slow and avoid creating bubbles!

Smooth Sil Food Grade Silicon

Step 4: Make Your Custom Cubes!

Let your mold set according to the smooth-sil directions. Once the mold has dryed and set, remove your mold and clean it thoroughly.

Now pour water into your mold, and throw it into the freezer!!!

Once frozen, remove your custom mold carefully! You will realize how fragile ice is, and might need to iterate your design so it removes easier. HAVE fun, and enjoy your custom ice cube!



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    Wow! Injection molding is incredibly expensive when done professionally (just the molds can cost upwards of $10,000)! I can wait to see your take on it!