Custom Acrylic Back Scratcher

Introduction: Custom Acrylic Back Scratcher

Everyone has a moment where they have an itch in a place that is hard to reach.  Well here is a fast and easy solution to fix that annoying problem.

Required for this Instructable:

-Acrylic piece of your color choice.  24" x 6" is the biggest you shall need.
-CorelDraw file.
-Knowledge in TechShop's plastic heat bender.
-Knowledge of the heat gun.

I made this at TechShop Detroit.  CHECK IT OUT!!!

Step 1: Make the Laser Template

Now you have to create your custom back-scratcher.  For the lasers at TechShop Detroit, CorelDraw is the easiest program that talks to the laser. You can be as creative as you want. I decided to a very simple shape but added a fun etching to it. I found a vector image online and cropped it and copied it until it fit my piece.  The vector went over my line drawing but that is what gets cut off so it doesn't effect my piece just waists a little space. 

Step 2: Use Lasers

Once your template is ready then take it to the laser and run the job. Your end result will probably have some dust like film on it, but nothing a little water can't help to solve. 

Step 3: Bend the Curve

Now it's time to practice with your curves.  You can use any device of your liking.  I used TechShop's heat bender and that created a very tight curve. I also tried to use the heat gun and do more of a fluid curve with a solid curved object a template. I certainly tried them out as I went.  Choose however you prefer. 

Give the warn acrylic a good 15 minutes to cool and scratch away.  

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