Custom Alarm Clock With Notepad

Introduction: Custom Alarm Clock With Notepad

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Enjoy Making your own Alarm just Follow the Steps

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Step 1: How to Make Alarm Clock

for Alarm to work you have to have an mp3 named Alarm

Type Whats Below In NotePad

@echo off

color 0f

title Alarm Clock

echo Please enter your name

set /p name=
if '%name%' == '' goto Next


echo Enter your Sign or Symbol.
set /p title=

if '%title%' == '' goto colora

mode 50,30

title What would you like to change the color to?

echo What would you like to change the color to?

echo 0 = Black 8 = Gray

echo 1 = Blue 9 = Light Blue
echo 2 = Green A = Light Green

echo 3 = Aqua B = Light Aqua
echo 4 = Red C = Light Red

echo 5 = Purple D = Light Purple
echo 6 = Yellow E = Light Yellow

echo 7 = White F = Bright White

echo Type the color combination you would like, or type "exit" to exit.
echo (example: 0f)

color %colorcho%

set /p colorcho=
goto kool

color %colorcho%

Title %title%

echo __________________________________________

echo %name%s Alarm Clock [%Date%]

echo __________________________________________
set /p min=Minutes:

set /p sec=Seconds:
echo Press Any Key To Start Alarm


if /i %sec% lss 10 (set sed=0%sec% ) else ( set sed=%sec% )

title %min%:%sed%
if /i %min% equ 0 ( if /i %sec% equ 0 ( goto :done ))

if /i %sec% equ 0 (
ping -n 2 >nul

set sec=59
set /a min=%min%-1

goto :time
) else (

ping -n 2 >nul
set /a sec=%sec%-1

goto :time

title Wake dafuq Up!!!

Start Alarm.mp3

echo Wake dafuq Up!!!

goto kool

Step 2: How to Save an Run Alarm Clock

Save as AlarmClock.bat

To Run double click on it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Ignoring that ping -n 2 >nul takes slightly longer than 1 second and your alarm clock is therefore not very precise, why does anyone need to enter name and title? They are shown for one moment and then gone. Same for colour. Time is shown in the title bar. The chosen colour is totally irrelevant. Focus on function not on flashy details. BTW: Did you test your batch? I mean, not with correct entries, but with wrong entries? The checks for empty name / title jump in the wrong direction. Better check that the mp3 file is present (if not exist ...)