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Introduction: Custom Arc Reactor

Hi I like to build. This is a simple build, but you may need a soldering stick for this project. Be warned! This is great for party's or if you want to be a Super hero.

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Step 1: Materials

Here is a list of what you need:
-LED puck light
-Lithium ion battery
-sealing jar lid
-2 safety pins
-hot melt glue gun

Step 2: Dissembly

Take the puck light and remove the back of it, you should see the battery, remove everything but the LEDs and the button it's attached to. It's different for different puck lights.

Step 3: Voltage

The Lithium ion battery is optional, however if you want a long lasting glow and to be rechargeable, do it! Also make sure you have checked the voltage on you LEDs so they won't stop working.

Step 4: Assembly

Take the battery and hook it up to the LED. Take the circuit including the button and put it into the jar lid. Next glue the safety pins on both sides of your arc reactor to make it wearable.

Step 5: Wearing/cosplaying

Use the safety pins to stick this arc reactor to your shirt and your ready to go! The design is bright long lasting, and as thin as possible! Enjoy!

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    Ya, thaks!


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    Im going to make one with a strap or magnets