Custom Arcade Fighting Stick Mad Max Style




Introduction: Custom Arcade Fighting Stick Mad Max Style

I stumbled upon a forum for Arcade Fighting Stick and decided to make one myself.
first was ordering buttons and joystick from China and designing the cover from wood and plexiglass.
finishing it off with metal frame and rubber protectors

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Step 1: Gathering the Supplies ; Wood , Transparant Plastic , Screws , Paint

i first drilled little holes in the glass and wood , then used a special drill to make deeper hole so screwhead is going to sink in.

the same is done with the metal frame

Step 2: Making the Cover Template

i used a template and used same dimensions for this.

local printshop printed this on A3 and i used stanleyknife to cut the buttonholes and joystick hole.

Step 3: Making the Box

i drilled holes in the sides of the box and used small screws to make the box.

i used a multitool to make the holes in the plexiglass

the cover on paper is going in between the wood and glass

Step 4: The Last Details ....

fitting the buttons in the wood and glass , connection the buttons via USB on pc and checked their function.

used a ironsaw for the metal from (to cover up the screws)

let the paint dry overnight and used multitool to make transparant bottomplate

Step 5: Connect & Play

Install MAME on your pc and install roms for your favorite games and connect the box to your pc and PLAY!

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This kind of controller is great. I have been thinking about making something like this for my 3 year old to use with his games.