Custom Briefcase PC

Introduction: Custom Briefcase PC

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This is a PC in a tool brief case.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you will need:

-A brief case (preferable metal for durability reasons

-PC components

motherboard, graphics card, cpu, cpu cooler, power supple, hard drive or ssd, RAM, and power switch

Peripherals are important as well.

Ensure that all of your selected components are compatible with each other. Please refer to the video by Austin Evans if you are having trouble with building the actual PC. Obviously, ignore all of the parts about connecting it to a traditional PC case.

Link to the case we used

Step 2: Customize the Brief Case to Fit the Ports of the PC

Cut out the ports for the io shield, power cord, and power switch We drilled out the hole for the power cable, and a saw to cut out the io cutout.

Step 3: Build the PC

This is not a tutorial on how to construct a PC, but a tutorial on how to build a PC in a case. If you need help building a PC, watch this video by Austin Evans.

When selecting your parts, check the dimensions to ensure that they will fit in the brief case.

*Helpful hint* Use a fully modular power supply to minimize wasted space from cables, and for a cleaner more efficient look.

Step 4: Connect Your Monitor or Tablet to the Case (if Desired)


Connect a monitor or tablet to your case if wanted. You could use an external monitor, but it's more fun to have one built into your case, for a ultra portable, laptop like experience. For our project, due to budget limitations (and the fact that we fried our first monitor), we decided to connect an iPad to our case, and used the app Duel Display to use it as a monitor. A thin enough monitor would have been too expensive for out budget, so we just used an iPad we already owned.

We used Velcro straps to adhere the iPad onto the top portion of the case

Step 5: You're DONE!

Congratulations! You have completed your custom portable gaming pc. Now go on and play some Fortnite with the boys.

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    2 years ago

    This is a great concept. :)