Custom Built 3D Printed Quad-copter

Introduction: Custom Built 3D Printed Quad-copter

This is how I built my custom quad-copter!

Step 1: 3D Printing the Frame

To start off, I 3D printed a frame for my actual Quad-copter, specifically the 6mm radius motors were the right size so I picked the 6mm version of this Frame:


  • 1 quad-copter frame of choice
  • Battery of choice (make sure that it is compatible with transmitter)
  • Quad-copter controller
  • Transmitter (make sure that it is compatible with battery)
  • 4 propellers of choice (with my custom build longer wings, and more wings was needed)
  • 4 6mm motors
  • Small Camera of choice (try to fit in the front facing hole)
  • Velcro

Step 2: Putting Motors Into Motor Mounts

  • To start, you need your motors with the propellers already mounted in the pronged side.
  • Thread the wire from your motor through the hole where the motor will be mounted.
  • Then, Slowly push your motor into the mount (We had to re-melt the bottom of my mounts so the motor couldn't completely slide through.
  • OPTIONAL: If you did get a Camera that would fit inside the front facing hole, mount it. (Mine needed a little cap to hold it in place)

Step 3: Strapping Battery and Bottom of Quad-copter With Velcro

  • I started off by making sure that the Velcro we cut would fit on the battery and the bottom of the copter
  • I strapped the pokey Velcro to the bottom of the copter and the fuzzy side to the battery

Step 4: Mounting the Transmitter Onto the Copter

  • First, I had to make sure that the power wire was facing towards the power plug of the battery (facing towards the back side for me)
  • Then, my specific transmitter had to be mounted in a diamond form from the front face.
  • Since my transmitter didn't fit into the slant of the copter we had to use Keratin glue to mount in into place
  • After that you can make sure your motors are in the right order then plug them in as well as the video transmitter wire and the power wire (both were on my camera already)

Step 5: Battery

  • In the end, our battery already was charged (make sure your battery is) so we just strapped the Velcro together
  • We also had to make sure our controller was connected, which was very easy at the time. It connected just like Bluetooth does
  • The Camera is a completely optional thing, you do not need to have it but it is cool to be able to fly around and see it from the copter's view. We got it to work, I will have a video of it soon.
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    3 years ago

    That looks neat :)