Custom Camper Table


Building a better looking, more stable camper table for a custom Boler trailer. Knotty pine with a "tung oil" finish.



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    3 months ago

    I just got done making one for my 1978 Rockwood pop-up camper, since the original one (made of sawdust board with a laminate top) was water damaged and crumbling. I used a sheet of 3/4" pre-sanded plywood from Lowe's (traced around the old table for a pattern), rounded the corners with a 1/4" radius corner-rounding bit in my router, and finished with Minwax gloss Polyshades "Bombay Mahogany" (4 coats on top, 2 on the bottom). Re-used the original hardware.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    I'm working on restoring a camper myself, could you post what boards you used and what thickness you planed them to, the rest is shown very well in the video, this table would be really cool in my camper, thanks

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