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Introduction: Custom Cereal Box Drawer Organiser

Do you know what drives me nuts? Opening my cooking tool drawer and seeing this! if that is not bad enough look at the back of the drawer on picture #2 and #3. The weight of the tools and the momentum of the drawer opening and closing constantly breaks the drawer. No Buenos! Sometimes I go to grab the can opener and find it in the cabinet under the drawer! Grrr! Here is my take on the cereal box organizer, you will need: **cereal boxes, snack boxes, any cardboard box **a pen **box cuter or exacto knife **wrapping paper **glue stick **measuring tool ( if you are OCD)

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Step 1: Plan the Layout

Remove the drawer and place all of your boxes inside. Arrange to take up as much space as possible, depending on your drawer and box selection you may not fill up the entire drawer.

Step 2: Height of Organiser

Using the drawer height as a guide draw a line with your pen on all edges of your boxes. This way your items cannot spill over the edges of the organizer.

Step 3: Cutting

Carefully cut your boxes with a box cutter. I first scored along the line and then went over it again to cut all the way through.

Step 4: CHeck Your Work

Look at that! I could re-use this cereal box for a second drawer, how nifty :)

Step 5: Make It Pretty!

Measure the length and width of your wrapping paper and cut accordingly. I lay a strip longwise first and then covered the wide section of the box next.

Step 6: Paper Tips

I found that pre-creasing the paper made a neater fit. Followed using the glue stick to attach it to the box. If you have two pieces that will be stuck together you can cut a strip to cover both boxes continuously, instead of covering each individual box. I glued the three soda boxes together before I covered them in paper.

Step 7: Tadaa!

Place the covered boxes into your drawer and add all of your do-hickeys! No more sliding tools.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice organizer, you should put the final image in your intro.