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for coats, for hats, for cables, for pet leashes, for anything that needs to be stored away hung on the wall.

Scalable design to accomodate whatever you want to hang on the hook.

Then again, you might need an Instructables Robot shelf.

Step 1: Getting Scrappy...

This is a simple project that takes leftover building materials to make a cool hook for any use.

I had a piece of hardboard to use. Any sheet good can be used - plywood, mdf, wood planks, pieces of wood glued together, etc.

I needed a small hanger hook so my base is about 6 x 6 inches. You can make it any size you want.

To stiffen up the base plate, I rimmed it around with some square wood stock. Wood strips are cut and glued to the edges forming a structural frame from which to hang the hanger unit.

Trim and sand around the edges.

Paint with the background color desired.

Step 2: Add Some Character...

Print out an image that you want to use and size it to fit on the base plate.

Cut out and see how it will be positioned on the base plate.

Step 3: 3D-ify It...

Figure out which part of the image you want to pop out from the picture and form a hanger hook. I wanted the "thumbs up" hand and arm to reach out. The bowtie on Kiteman would be the hanger hook.

Out of some scrap wood, build up the support behind the part of the image that will form the hanger hook. You can actually make the support larger than the image for strength since it will blend into the background.

You can glue laminate several thin pieces of wood or carve it out of a big block. I guess you can measure and fabricate a 3D printed part if so inclined.

Sand and paint the 3D support piece which forms the hanger hook.

For Vault Boy, attach the hanger hook piece to the base plate with glue and a small screw. Drill a pilot hole to align the pieces.

It's best to use spray adhesive to coat the back of the image and then apply to the completed base.

For Kiteman, I glued down the image first. Pilot holes were drilled in the base and the bowtie. A screw driven from the back secures the bowtie.

If you are making a coat hanger hook, you would probably need a bigger screw or think about using nuts and bolts to reinforce the hanger hook to be able to support a bigger load.

You can add a cleat to the back for hanging or just drive screws through the frame to the wall.

So make a set for a complete rack of hanger hooks.




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3 years ago

Has anyone told you that you are brilliant today - you are brilliant.

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I've been called many a thing today but not that one. Thanks.


3 years ago

That's really nice. I'm totally into wall hooks :-)

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Thanks. Hang around here long enough and you will always find something to make.