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About: Hello! My name is Russell. I've always been interested in making things myself, so I figured I'd start showing how I do them. I hope what I share can help and influence other with their projects!

These are some sweet treats that look sweet! I mold my object out of clay, but you can do this with any object! If you have any questions please ask!

Materials needed: Object to be molded, two part silicone, cardboard, hot glue gun, chocolate, and a way of melting it. I use a melting pot, but if you don't have one then you can use a pot of boiling water and a metal bowl (covered later).

Food Grade Silicone:

Step 1: Picking or Making the Molded Item!

I use clay here and make a custom item. I recommend using something that makes a shallow or thin mold. This will make it easier to pry out of the mold. This is why I make a clay object that is pretty thin. If you have your object picked then go to the next step! If you want some basic tips on making a clay item then read these numbers. Keep in mine I'm to experienced with sculpting.

1. Make your object thin. Using a marker or another cylindrical object will work like a rolling pin.

2. Use a sharp knife to make your edges clean.

3. Use a thin tip to make detail work where you don't want to cut away at the clay. I use a toothpick and just an xacto blade without a handle.

4. Use your finger or back of your blade to rub the clay in one direction to smooth it out. This will take away lines and give a cleaner look.

5. Make parts separate then join them. This will make it easier to not accidentally mess up your finished parts of the clay.

Step 2: Making the Mold

Here you will need a two part silicon, cardboard, and a glue gun. There are many different kind but make sure its food grade silicone!

1. Put your item on a piece of cardboard and make sure it is flat against it. If you think the item will float up then put a little dab of glue at the bottom of the item.

2. Cut your cardboard into sections that fill fit snug around the item.

3. Use your hot glue to glue down the cardboard sides. Make sure all the seems have glue so the silicon wont leak out.

4. Measure out parts needed of a A and B into a cup.

5. Follow your products specific directions on how to mix. It's usually just until its a mixed looking color. Mines purple.

6. Poor onto the detailed areas of your item first then onto the of the base. This will make sure the details are captured by the mold.

7. Wait the time specified by the instructions. Mine says six hours.

Step 3: Cleaning the Mold

After you wait for however long it says do this step. You'll need the mold and soapy water.

1. Pull apart your cardboard. It should come off easy since nothing except silicon.

2. Pull out your clay or item. Wiggling it around will help if its a solid item.

3. Use a toothpick to clean out the small areas if you used clay.

4. Clean out your mold with soapy water and a cotton swab.

5. Dry out your mold with paper towels or another thin cloth.

Step 4: Chocolate Time!

This step is pretty easy. You'll need your mold, chocolate, and a melting pot. You can make your own by putting water in a pot and then put a metal bowl on top of that. The water has to be boiling.

1. Put chocolate in the melting pot.

2. Let the chocolate melt until it is a thick liquid so it will fill in the detail areas better.

3. Pour the chocolate into the mold on the detail areas then just put it around to make sure it fills everywhere.

4. Put the mold into the freezer and check frequently to see when it frozen, about 5-7 minutes should work. It being cold will make sure it de-molds easier.

5. Pull out of the mold carefully. Pulling on the mold instead of the chocolate makes it easier. If you put the chocolate on the bottom and pull up on the mold it also makes it easier.

6. Clean up the over hang with a knife.

Step 5: Make More and Share!

Now that you know how to make your custom chocolate treats, make more and share with someone! After the mold is made it doesn't take too long to make multiple. I hope you all enjoyed and that this could be helpful! Please leave comments if you have questions!

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    3 years ago

    Hi Russell. I need your advice concerning making a mold for my product line.

    1 reply
    Russell MillerWishlist1

    Reply 3 years ago

    I'd be happy to help with what you need! I'm not an expert on mold making though.


    3 years ago

    I hope you used food-grade silicon.

    1 reply
    Russell MillerJimW7

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you for the comment! I Fixed the instructions and put a link in for food grade silicon!