Custom Coasters

Introduction: Custom Coasters

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Need a gift, want to class up your place, or just need a cool way to keep the rings off the table. Summer is on its way and condensation is going to start making its way back to  your frosty beverages...

I made these custom coasters at Tech Shop.

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Step 1: Step 1

Design your coaster in your favorite Vector base software, mine is Adobe Illustrator.
I decided to go with a classic round coaster... I wanted it to be around 3.5 inches so I choose the ellipse tool and clicked on the screen giving me the option to enter the exact width and height I was going for. You want to make your cut likes a weight of .003 and RGB Red. Your etching can be RGB Black.

These I made to give away and the "Vintage and Custom/Garage Build" Motorcycle / Bike Night we have every Thursday here at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Bloomfield/Pittsburgh. We call it "FAMILY DINNER"

Step 2: Step 2

Select your material and make sure you use the necessary steps for the machine you are using o make sure you are focusing the laser.
and then click "Ready" and start protecting your nice furniture... (or in this case promoting your event.)

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