Custom Colour Nail Polish



This is such a cute and easy way to get that perfect nail polish colour to match your new dress or top! It is easy and fun!

Step 1: Getting What You Need

You will need:

- A clear coat nail polish ( you can get cheap ones from your local drugstore )

- Some eyeshadow, the colour that you want your nail polish to be ( you can just buy a cheap one )

Step 2: Crushing Up Your Eyeshadow

Next it is time for chopping / crushing up your eyeshadow into a fine powder. This is why you only need a cheap one; not a designer expensive one!

Step 3: Funneling

Scoop up your powdered eyeshadow and make a funnel ( a rolled up magazine is fine ). Then you can carefully pour your powder down the funnel, into your clear coat nail polish.

Step 4: Mixing It Up

Now just shake your nail polish. Having a small ball bearing is easier; it helps mix it. Shake until properly mixed.

Step 5: Done!

Cool! You are done and now you have a nail polish to match that cool new top or dress! Hope you liked it! Comment and let me know how yours went! :)



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