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Introduction: Custom Comic Book Boxes

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I purchased my first short box for holding comics and the white was so plain... So, I made it into something very special...

Step 1: The White Box

You can purchase a short or long box at most local comic book stores. They are easy to put together. I paint them before I put them together so that all of the white is covered in the black acrylic paint. Sponge brushes are easiest to use when painting the box and I use a medium sized brush.

Step 2: Cutting the Comics

I do not print the images. I cut them directly from the comics. It's easies to cut the panels. Don't cut around the characters or in weird shapes because it doesn't adhere to the box very easily. If I give him the chance my cat likes to get in the way, he THINKS he is helping...

Step 3: Wrapping the Box

I have files and files of saved cut up comic panels. When I get and order I start gluing the pictures to the box. I use mod podge and I put a layer on the box then a layer on the back of the panel and I place t on the box. The. When the entire box is wrapped I put another couple of layers of modPodge around the box to further seal it. It is important that you only cover the top of the lid and the bottom portion of the box. I don't put images around the lid because that is where I letter.

Step 4: Lettering

Every box is fully customizable. I write things around the lid by tracing letters directly out of the comics. I use the cover art mostly because the paper is thicker and it is easier to work with.

Step 5: Finished Project

After all of the black has been covered in carefully places comic panels, I put two to three coats of Mod Podge over the work. When the Mid Podge is dry I seal it with an acrylic spray that further prevents it from getting damaged.



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    If anyone is interested in a custom box please contacted via email at :)

    I am comic fan as well but I say go for it. It looks great I like it... I was doing art collages with my double copy comics years ago and they are appreciated and viewed more than the copy I have been keeping safe in the box. I think if it as kind of like cooking you have a fantastic ingredient the art of the comic and you create a recipe with the mixes of ingredients. In fact it puts that comic art on display.

    And jcannizzo.... I think it's more sacrilege to have them sitting in boxes collecting dust year after year in a comic book shop basement... This gives the comics a new life and a second chance.... It's not like I'm cutting valuable expensive or rare comics.... These are all 50 cent bin comics......

    I like the way I do it and all the customers decide what they want written on it not me...

    I love this but cutting the comic up almost seems like sacrilege lol

    I think this is great! I've made and decorated many boxes, but never thought of this. I would ask how you are getting your letter shapes...and I think,however, they might be more "readable" if they were just plain colors, and perhaps done in a comic book font. Think BAM!, ARGHHH!, etc. What do you think?