Custom Cross-cut Sled for Table Saw


Introduction: Custom Cross-cut Sled for Table Saw

Custom Cross-cut Sled for Table Saw

Step 1:

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The stock cross-cut sled that came with my table saw was really inaccurate and a pain for me to use properly, so I decided to modify the original one a bit to give it more stability, control, and a more comfortable grip for me.

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    4 Discussions

    I have a Porter Cable Job site TableSaw but the Miter gauge slide lock up so tight I had to take a pice of wood and a hammer and drive it out and it was just the third time I use it the slide was damige ame it took a little work to strate it out and sand the brus off but the side just hages up agin it was a little cold out side. but the was dose have a Miter gauge slide made out of aluminum sliding on the aluminum table top just dont work together the slide was lose the frist time I use it and the next day It was a little tight but it worked and the next time I use it it losk up I need to fine a Miter gauge slide. I going to try your Miter gauge out wood

    I had the same trouble with the miter gauge that came with my band saw. so I drew up a protractor on Draft Sight and made my own miter gauge. Kept the old one for 90 deg cuts but the home made one excels at miter cuts, perfect cut every time.

    What does it do?

    I was interested to see your take on a crosscut sled, but what I see is better described as a miter gauge extension, a somewhat different fixture than a sled which, traditionally, is either a "U" channel or "L" panel that is guided by two blades or rails riding in the table slots. Most useful for trimming to size the larger sections, however your gauge shines for smaller widths and, of course, miters. The above is not meant to diminish your submission, and I like how you beefed up the gauge.