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Introduction: Custom Cutting Board - Project

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Hey everyone! I just completed a really simple and fun project that is going to make a great gift. I did it all with this great little desktop saw. I have put together a video to demonstrate all the steps. I bought the cutting board from Home Depot for $7.99. Alright, lets get to work.

Step 1: Things You Will Need...

  1. Cutting board - can be found at Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond
  2. Saw
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Wood glue - food safe
  5. 2 hours of time

Step 2: Pick a Shape to Add to Your Cutting Board

Suggestion - keep it simple here. The more curves and corners, the tougher the project.

Step 3: Fire the Wood Machine Up - Watch Those Fingers

Cut out the shap. Go slow and steady to minimize the sanding after.

Step 4: Transfer Shape to Second Board

This is where the fun begins. Carefully trace your shape to the second board. Pay attention to the wood grain direction.

Step 5: Time to Get Some Holiday Anger Out of Your System

I think this picture says it all.

After your shape is put in, clean the board and invite some friends over to enjoy some freshly sliced cheese.




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    7 Discussions

    Hey I have a question for ya about your saw. On yours when you go to cut something have you noticed that the blade shifts to one side and is your miter gauge lose in the table ? Mine I can move it a good 8th of an inch side to side and the blades all shift to the right on mine.

    4 replies

    If you drop the guard it has bearing guides in it that may reduce this issue. Let me know if that works.

    No that don't help with the blades. I did write Rockwell and let them know of both the problems and made a few suggestions on the miter gauge and the table top. Besides those two problems I love my little saw. Great cutting board project by the way.

    their is a little play in the blade. It did not impact this project at all for me. Yeah, I love mine too.

    I have the same saw and also experience this problem, especially with harder wood. It also leaves the cuts angled as the top of the blade shifts while the bottom does not.

    Thanks so much. Quick and easy and something that is used almost every day.