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Today we're laser cutting foam to create foam inserts for our industrial tools. These custom mat foam inserts are made from polyethylene foam (PE foam or PEF), which are laser friendly to cut and engrave. We use our Trotec Speedy 400 100w laser cutting machine.

We do advise to always double check the MSDS sheet of any PEF sheet you're going to laser, and ask our Technical staff if the material is safe to cut or engrave.

These foam inserts are ideal for organizing and storing industrial tools, instruments, promotional items, awards and any objects you would like to display in a professional manner.

Step 1: Measure Tools

To begin, we place our items inside of their container to find their positioning. In our case, we put our industrial tools inside of a box. Next, we take a picture of them from above.This image will be our guide when cutting the foam.

Step 2: Create the Graphic File

After, we import the picture we took into our design program. We first need to resize the image so that it's the same size as the actual box.

We create a rectangle with the dimensions of our container and align the photo with it. When it is aligned properly, we trace around our objects to make the cut lines. If you'd like, you can add spaces to make it easier to remove objects, add labels, etc.

Step 3: Cut and Engrave

Once we've created the image, we place our foam into the machine and send the job to the laser with these settings:

Power: 70, Speed: 80, Passes: 1, z-Offset: 0.1

Power: 30, Speed: 2, Passes: 3

Step 4: Assembly

Once everything's been cut out, we can put it all together. Layer the foam as needed, place your objects in their spots and you're done! An easy way to create a nice display for anything that you would like to show off.



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    5 Discussions


    Question 2 months ago on Step 2

    Hi. What program did you use to draw the items please.


    8 months ago

    Thanks for the tip, now everything is in its place. I made a few cases that charge the items inside from an external jack.

    1 reply
    Trotec Laser CanadaMikeM573

    Answer 9 months ago

    2.2 lbs./cu. ft. polyurethane foam (make sure you have a filter system for the polyurethane)